• Create Nodes On The Fly

  • Import and Export Network Data Seamlessly

  • Fully Customize Node Characteristics

  • Apply Views

  • Use Images to Represent Nodes

  • Wide Array of Analysis Functionality

  • Find Sub Groups

  • Use Relational Algebra to Explore Graphs

VisuaLyzer™ is an interactive and intuitive desktop tool for visualizing and analyzing social network data from imported data or from data created in the graphical interface. Should work with Windows 2000/XP/7/8, or BootCamp, VMFusion Ware, Parallels or Wine on a Mac or Linux.

• Create nodes and links on the fly, directly in VisuaLyzer
• Import and export network data in DL edgelist/edgearray/nodelist, Excel, CSV, DyNetML and GraphML formats
• Customize visual properties such as the color, shape, size, and location of nodes and links
• Create and reuse informative graphic representation
• Images of your choice can be used to represent nodes
• Conduct a number of analysis functions for calculating network and nodal level indices
• Find sub-groups, partitions, communities, and roles and positions
• Search and change various combinations of ties, tie attributes, nodes and node attributes
• Explore graphs using relational algebra

“VisuaLyzer enhances our ability to support the implementation of development programs by rendering in a professional manner the stakeholder influence maps our participating leadership teams create. Critical to engendering practical, actionable insights, these maps help our clients apprehend complex socio-political relations in their own environments.”

– Tony Lambino, World Bank Institute, Leadership and Governance Practice

“VisuaLyzer significantly aided our City’s efforts to understand how youth serving organizations work together. We created multiple high quality network analysis maps that provided profound insight into the nature of youth service provision…I highly recommend this program. Thank you!”

– Doug Wagoner

“I think VisuaLyzer is great and very user friendly. It’s the ideal software to introduce to students who are new to social network analysis.”

– Ingrid Fromm, Bern University of Applied Sciences, School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences


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