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SocioWorks is an innovative set of web tools for the online application of Social Network Analysis (SNA) methods to collect and analyze data regarding social relationships, from individual to institution to national levels. This online software provides:

• flexible survey authoring for various kinds of personal and whole networks.
• easy online data collection.
• powerful online study management for Principal Investigators, Project Managers, Site Managers, Interviewers, and Subjects to handle large studies using multiple sites and complex teams.
• seamless export to VisuaLyzer, as well as export to other formats for analysis and visualization.
• user-friendly online social network analysis and visualization in future versions.

SocioWorks has value at multiple levels, for example to help individuals, families, insitutions or communities adjust to changing needs and then scale related research and intervention up to the policy level to support such needs. This toolset is designed with input from end users to meet a range of social science needs at multiple levels, including:

• facilitating cultural assessment and change in teams by enabling and facilitating observing, understanding, working with, and changing relationship-based organizational knowledge and processes in health care settings, businesses, and other organizations.
• the diffusion of innovation.
• guiding and optimizing collaborative processes to support social network-based intervention research and programs.
• serving as a tool for individuals and families to better perceive themselves and the social structures in which they are embedded.

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