• Interface for creating a network

  • Assigning characteristics to nodes

  • Creating ties between nodes

  • Customize display of nodes and ties

  • See network as you build it or revise it

SocioScope™ is a very user-friendly tool for researchers, evaluators, students, educators (K-12 through graduate school), human resource personnel, and managers to collect social network data interactively and generate network visualizations on the spot. Should work with Windows 2000/XP/7/8, or BootCamp, VMFusion Ware, Parallels or Wine on a Mac or Linux.

• Graphical interface with lists makes it unnecessary for you to collect network data via other software
• Avoid struggling with different data formats
• Easily assign any characteristics you want to people or other nodes
• Link any nodes with any kinds of ties and strengths of ties, whether one or more ties
• Customize node color, line size and line color in network visualizations
• Data entry and visualization shown on same screen in two side-by-side panels

“With SocioScope, our team at the World Bank Institute and our regional delivery partners will be able to collect and interpret social network data more efficiently and effectively via a user friendly interface. The intuitive design of this tool enables us to provide better support to implementation teams on the ground — to better understand and navigate the shifting stakeholder environments of their own development programs.”

– Tony Lambino, World Bank Institute, Leadership and Governance Practice


With purchase, you should receive permanent license by email within 72 hours.

Ask us about volume pricing at ejones[at]mdlogix.com, or info[at]mdlogix.com.

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