• Partitioning the file

  • Setting rules for matching nodes

  • Manually or automatically matching same individuals

  • Calculating network measures

  • Setting user roles and access

LinkAlyzer™ is a network matching tool that supports and guides the process of matching names, IDs or other personal attributes of the same individuals in different or overlapping networks in order to link networks together, or to just clean up duplicate network entries in a file. Should work with Windows 2000/XP/7/8, or BootCamp, VMFusion Ware, Parallels or Wine on a Mac or Linux.

• LinkAlyzer guides you in partitioning your file for matching variables
• Set rules or tolerances for variables used in matching nodes
• Manually or automatically match the same people named in different networks
• Calculate density, closeness centrality and connectedness on the new network
• Export to SPSS, text and UCINET
• Set user roles and privileges/access
• Lite version allows 1000 primary and secondary nodes; full version allows 30,000 primary and secondary subjects; both allow up to 99 nominees (secondary subjects) per primary node (primary subject)


With purchase, you should receive permanent license by email within 72 hours.

Ask us about volume pricing or any other questions at ejones[at]mdlogix.com, or info[at]mdlogix.com.

Download does not have an installation package.

Download and unzip folder. Place folder where you want to.

Run SocioMetrica215_full.exe or SocioMetrica215_light.exe from inside folder.

Download LinkAlyzer Lite

Download LinkAlyzer Full

Trial version not limited by time; it only allows 100 nodes.