• Multiple Sections for Survey Authoring

  • Skip Logic Rules

  • Export Respondent Case Level Data

  • Export Questionnaires

  • Export Alter Level Data

  • Display Alter Characteristics

EgoNet 2.0™
This comprehensive software application allows users to create personal/egocentric/cognitive network interviews, conduct the interviews, and then quickly and intuitively display the networks interactively, as well as perform standard network analyses on them. Should work with Windows 2000/XP/7/8, or BootCamp, VMFusion Ware, Parallels or Wine on a Mac or Linux.

• Create surveys with EgoNetQB, and conduct surveys with EgoNet–these are the two modules in EgoNet
• Export questionnaire for easy reading of questions or for printing to paper
• Explore networks visually, including flexible visual properties of nodes and links
• Analyze and export all of the personal network analyses for all of the survey interviews to SPSS or text file, with just one click
• Export separate file of the attributes of people named in the networks to UCINET DL and text formats
• Rest assured with automatic database back-up


With purchase, you should receive permanent license by email within 72 hours.

Ask us about volume pricing or any other questions at ejones[at]mdlogix.com, or info[at]mdlogix.com.

Two separate modules are installed, EgoNetQB for survey authoring, and EgoNet for data collection, analysis and visualization.

Both EgoNet and EgoNetQB cannot be open at the same time.

EgoNetQB is free without registration. The EgoNet module, however, requires license purchase and registration after 30 days.

 Download EgoNet

30-day trial.