Web Applications

SocioWorks is a state-of-the-art web application built with across browser support and innovative technologies. SocioWorks is designed for survey authoring, data collection, data export, and study management. Surveys can involve preloaded rosters, naming new individuals/nodes, and personal networks. SocioWorks allows skipping questions based on various attributes, as well as re-use of rosters and already named lists by just the interviewee or by all people already interviewed. Study management involves designating a variety of personnel access and use rules, creation of hierarhical and horizontal sets of facilities/sites for separating out study samples for different treatments, and assigning any number of various types of surveys to any number of different studies.

Desktop Applications

Application of social network analysis to the health domain and other domains can be a powerful approach to bridging the gap between research and practice. Social network analysis can facilitate interventions from the individual level to the group, organizational, population, and policy levels. Our desktop applications support survey authoring, data collection, data analysis, project management, visualization and graphic manipulation of networks, and export to common formats. Desktop products include EgoNet, VisuaLyzer, SocioScope, and LinkAlyzer.